My name is Kevin Pearman, I am a South African inventor with 3 awards as inventor of the year who only started trading 3 years ago. I mention my awards not to boast, but to highlight that while I may not see myself as exceptionally brilliant, I do possess the intellectual capacity required to create these ICT manuals.
I'll delve into the specifics of my trading journey later, but for now, I'd like to emphasize that I started just like anyone else, adopting the prevailing yet flawed belief in indicators. I invested in four different "expensive" courses, only to realize their limitations and shortcomings.
Much like Michael, I am schooled in computer programming and quickly realised that the market did not conform to the principals that I was taught and identified certain characteristics that could only be the result of computer generation.
I began to research extensively for “manipulation of the market”, and that is when I discovered The Inner Circle Trader!
I immediately realised that all the answers I was looking for were there and devoted sometimes up to 18 hours per day studying and creating my own personal record of his videos.
My excitement spilled over to my daughter who chose to give up her aviation career due to unforeseen medical complications and needed to find a new career for herself.
Bottom line, she had difficulty concentrating on the ICT videos as her method of study and focus has always been actively learning through books. For this reason, I decided to convert my study notes into a complete manual for her to learn from to ease her frustrations.
So, much like Michael has created a legacy for his children, I wrote these manuals for my daughter.
My Trading Journey
This is an accurate assessment of my trading journey.
I started trading by establishing my own interpretation of the market and did extremely well.
I started with $1 500 an in only 5 weeks, I had grown my account to $71 000.
I then got hit me with, what is called a “blown account,” within one afternoon, I had $500 left!
Whilst I have made every endeavour to recover with some excellent results, I grew my $500 to $9 000 only to have the same thing happen to me again and was left with $100.
One of my talents throughout my life has been the ability to find solutions to problems and I have achieved what has been thought of as impossible!  To quote a few:
  1. I created a formula to mix diesel and water in a 50/50 mix which burned far cleaner and produced more power!
  2. I modified traditional radio signals to penetrate metal which would otherwise deflect the signal.
  3. I created a system to stop people smoking and had a 93% success rate.
  4. I created a system to put an end to load-shedding.  South Africa is plagued with a shortage of electricity, and I developed and patented a system to balance our power grid which can be seen here:
I then tried to improve my trading skills and went on 3 different courses, I studied close on 400 videos spending up to 18 hours per day, 7 days a week.
I did this because there is no doubt that successful trading can bring in millions of US Dollars on a continuous basis, through good times and bad times.
I grew my $100, and although I only went in with minimal amounts, the more I learnt, the more the losses piled up!
I have found that literally EVERY POSSIBLE guide or course to be found on the internet develops bad habits surrounding FLAWED LOGIC and is doomed to failure!  Research shows that 95% of traders lose!
My studies of the pitfalls have led me to find that the market simply does not care for all of the hundreds of different strategies, techniques and patterns that are fed to the unsuspecting public!
There are only 10 large institutions that account for 70% of the 5 trillion dollars traded per day with retail traders accounting for only 3.5%.
So, I BELIEVED that the secret lay in analysing the ORDER BOOK which is extremely difficult to obtain, but I managed to gain access to it and vigorously analysed the patterns that occur with it.
This is a conventional chart; you can see the “traps” that cause people to lose money and which has caught me on 4 occasions now:
This is what the chart looks like when looking for the price WHERE the big players are placing their order:
The chart on the right is what it looks like when examining the order book:
I believed that the interpretation of all this data is THE ONLY true way to analyse the market, but it is not easy - if it were, everyone would be doing it!
I was very confident, however, that I could do it.
I put in the hours, (hundreds) it was tiring, but I was driven by the urgency to crack this code asap.
As I got closer and closer, I STILL saw huge discrepancies!
All courses and any trading information speak of “Supply and Demand” as the forces that move the price.  Just as in general commerce, it is a fact that the higher the demand and a short supply, the price will move up, if there is no demand and plenty supply, the price drops.
This appears in every single course that you will find on trading, but in examining the order book (which is not freely available) I discovered that one thing is very clear and very definite, these principals DO NOT APPLY TO TRADING!
Firstly, I can prove it with the order book.
Secondly, when Bitcoin was climbing from $25 000 upwards, the buying frenzy got bigger and bigger.  When it passed $60 000, all the experts were saying that the price would reach $100 000 if not $500 000 by the end of the year!  This fuelled the buying frenzy and should have pushed the price up, but it crashed.  It was simply re-priced lower!
Understanding computer programming, I then started analysing the market from the point of view that it is controlled by algorithms AND NOT Supply and Demand and I have found undeniable proof of price being generated by a computer!
I can honestly say that I have now found some of the secrets to successful and sustainable profits from trading!
The above does not mean that I can now trade and make the fortunes that can be made, it means that I know WHERE and how to find the winning trades and I believe that when I finally crack this, I will have a 90% - 95% certainty of success with every trade I take.
Whilst it will be impossible to completely crack the code, I can already see SIGNATURES of the program and patterns that get generated on a regular basis and I just have to confirm the consistency of these patterns, wait for them to occur and then I can take the trade with that 95% certainty of success.
Once I have cracked it, I will be one of the very few people who actually know how to trade!
Enter ICT.
Searching the internet for “manipulation of the market” I came across The Inner Circle Trader and quickly realised that this man, Michael Hudleston, had gone through the same journey as me, only 30 years earlier and had indeed found the secrets to the manipulation I was so desperate to find!
His statement that the Lord had guided him as a result of his promise to share his knowledge convinced me to ignore absolutely everything I had learnt about trading and start from scratch with ICT.
I was back to doing 18 hours per day, neglecting my family, but completely focused on the “gift from heaven” that was placed in front of me.
I tried enticing my daughter into learning the ICT concepts with me, but she had great difficulty focusing on the videos.
My focus then shifted into creating a manual for each of the 2022 videos, which would serve the dual purpose of assisting me to absorb the content as well as give her a “tool” to assist her in her studies.
Halfway through this manual, ICT released his 2016 Core content which blew me away!
I left the 2022 manual and started on the 2016 manual and got to about 85% when his 2023 videos started pouring in and I started creating a manual on them as well.
I am currently completing these two manuals simultaneously.
The most incredible thing is the knowledge I have obtained by putting in the hours and creating these manuals.
This knowledge has allowed me to take small trades, at the right time, and grow my blown account with a 90% accuracy at this point.